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Introducing SoapBox

Getting more reviews just got faster and easier.

What is Soapbox?

Soapbox is CW Taylor Marketing’s latest, cutting-edge tool. We saw a need for an innovative tool that would streamline reviews for your business, making the process of requesting and leaving reviews easier on you and your customers.

How Does Soapbox Work?

Soapbox allows you to quickly send a text message to each customer, providing them with a link to review your business. If they would not recommend your business, they are directed to a form to leave a review, where the review will not be searchable. If they would recommend, they will be given the option to review you on your Google, Yelp or Facebook page.


Why Do I Need Soapbox?

It can be tiresome to try and track down reviews from happy customers, but it is incredibly important. More reviews increase the strength of your SEO on Google, allowing customers to find your page. Our software makes it quick and easy to shoot a text to your customers, using a saved texting template. In just two minutes, you could potentially secure new reviews from happy customers.

Is Soapbox Right For Me?

If you are struggling to gain reviews for your business or do not want signs in your lobby or to have to follow up manually or directly with customers, Soapbox is a quick, easy, pressure-free option to get customers to review your business. It also gives you the control. If they go directly to a review site, like Yelp, you don’t know what kind of review they will leave. With this tool, the bad reviewers will be able to direct message your business, allowing only the positive reviews to make it to the popular online reputation sites.

If you are interested in learning more about Soapbox, give us a call: 213.568.3650.