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When an online search is made for what your company provides, we’ll ensure you’re one of the first businesses they see. Our innovative strategies harness the power of the web that is essential to building a solid client base in this modern age.

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Meet Bob Ward

Bob Ward recently made the switch from operating a Midas franchise shop to becoming the owner of his own independent auto shop. Ward saw it as an opportunity to have the power to call is own shots and implement instant changes and improvements to his business plan. In the corporate world, that kind of control just isn’t possible. His shop has five bays and 3 technicians, and he’s now getting a huge influx of clients thanks to the CW Taylor Review Tool and the magic of social media.

The Review Tool has been an intrinsic part of Ward’s success in obtaining great client reviews. Playing with the colors of the Google logo, Ward’s wife, Lynda, designed an eye-catching sign on the counter at his shop to advertise their latest promotion: a free oil change in exchange for writing a review on his Google page. Though this offer may seem generous, Ward has done the math and this method has been paying off. The old way of doing things involved spending $1,000 on 2,000 mailers, but he would only see a response rate of about 1%. This equates to spending $100 for every new client. With this new method, his shop gained eight new reviews in two months and gave him a perfect score of 30/30 on his Google page! The attention this is garnering is four times more effective than the old mailer method, and has consequently significantly lowered their advertising cost per customer.

Another way Ward has leveraged the power of the internet is by tracking how his new clients find his shop. Using the online marketing techniques through CW Taylor Marketing, Ward is able to make changes and check the data immediately to receive feedback regarding those changes in real-time. Ward’s business has also taken advantage of free social media. Using his iPhone, he has been taking pictures of the client’s vehicles while they’re in his shop, then sending the pictures to his social media guy named James. James uploads the pictures and tags the client, so the client and all of his or her friends can see, admire and comment on the pictures. The clients love it and the fans of the shop’s page get new content to check out. It keeps their fans updated of the latest news from the shop and reminds them it may be time to bring in their own vehicles for some maintenance or repair.

When he’s not working on other vehicles, Ward is into Harleys – A 2005
Electric Glide, specifically. The North shore of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario are his favorite places to ride. Niagara Falls is a great spot too and he frequents the eastern coast of Lake Huron as often as he can.